Line movement: how to bet on tennis profitably

Bets on the outcomes of tennis matches are made by most predictors, regardless of their experience and skills. This encourages modern bettors to study this sport, if before their knowledge in it was rather mediocre.

Popularity of tennis betting matches due to several factors, among which is a large liquidity in the betting Parimatch markets and regular matches, almost all year round.

Making predictions on the outcomes of tennis matches, experienced forecasters use their own or available strategies, but reinforce them with a universal system, which we will talk about in our article.


The “Moving the Line” system was described by Bob McCune, who noted that by studying the changes in bookmaker quotes, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in the passability of matches. He noted that the combination of his brainchild is great for any type of player, regardless of their strategic vector.

How to use the system

Before you start playing with this system, it is important to understand that actually the bookmaker’s line is moved by experienced bettors. It is on their activity and the amount of bets on a particular match depend on all the actions of the BK Parimatch to change quotes. It turns out that following the changes in the betting markets, you actually listen to the opinion of professional tennis experts.

From the name of this strategy can be understood that the bettor should follow how the quotes put out by the bookmakers Parimatch change before the tennis match. It is necessary to study the movements of the line of all known offices, it is desirable to pay attention to bookmakers who put low margins in their odds.

In addition to “manual” analysis of the movement of quotations, you can resort to the use of automated services that show a graph of changes in odds. Most of these sites are presented for free, but more accurate information can be provided by paid resources.

The line does not move, what to do?

If your analysis shows that the initial quotes that the bookmakers put up are not very different until the match is about to start, McCune recommends playing for a win for the favorite.

In this case, it’s obvious that the leader’s chances of winning have remained the same, but at the same time, the bookmakers haven’t under-quoted him to win.

Bookmakers move handicaps, how to play?

If the posted handicaps for a tennis match, rapidly change to one side, it is necessary to “follow” it. If the odds increase, it is necessary to play “minus” on the favorite. In the case when they go down, give preference to “plus” for the outsider.


The last spurt on the line, your decision?

It is not uncommon for a line to stand dead weight and it already seems that no drastic changes will occur before the match, but at a certain point there is a sharp jump. Having identified such a trend, you need to bet again in the direction of changing the odds.

The odds on the favorite’s victory have “sagged”? Support him with a “minus” handicap. The odds on the outsider dropped? Play him to win.

Tennis betting is popular among both beginners and experienced bettors. Opening the bookmaker’s line, a novice bettor most often does not pay attention to what stage of the competition the match with which he intends to associate his prediction will take place.

This mistake can be considered a strategic mistake, because before the start of each ATP and WTA tournament, there are qualifying matches – qualification. Players who are not ranked enough to make it to the main draw of the tournament play in the qualifiers.

However, having the right knowledge to analyze the qualification matches, you can make regular profits by making correct predictions on the matches of this category.

How does the BC cover the qualification matches

It should be noted at once that not all betting shops provide their markets with qualification matches. This is due to the fact that these matches, in most cases, are not broadcast on television and the Internet. Also, in such duels are not uncommon “disagreements” among bookmakers. This allows the forecaster not infrequently come across “forks”, which appear in connection with the solid difference in quotations from different betting companies.

To reinsure, bookmakers may put a high margin in the odds for tennis qualification matches, but even that will not prevent an experienced bettor to find a profitable bet, taking into account the difference in the odds.


Profitable odds difference

In order to play a qualifying match profitably, a prognosticator should bet on the “fresh” odds. In most cases, betting companies adjust their offers, based on the preliminary data, and a significant adjustment of the odds is already looking at the markets of other betting companies.

It has to do with the fact that in most cases the players with low rating play in the qualification matches, and not much is known about their performance. This does not give BK the opportunity to really assess his abilities and current game form.


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