LuckyNiki Casino Review

Since the 1990s, online casinos have developed almost linearly, and in 2016 the global turnover reached almost $46 billion, representing 10% of the total gambling market. And this share is increasing from year to year. During this time the competition has grown proportionately. Now it is not enough just to offer quality games and serve the client well. Most operators comply with these requirements. Today it is no less important to react to constantly changing market trends. Just like in nature, the one who was able to adapt to the environment the best survives.

Of the most successful gaming portals stands out Lucky Niki Casino. Quickly gaining popularity, the transition to the Web, steady growth. Many very famous brands at this stage and froze, relieved by a stable and seemingly loyal audience. But now a different policy is considered successful: the product must be constantly updated. The example of annual upgrades of smartphones and cars is appropriate here.

This progressive way chosen in LuckyNiki. More recently, the casino has fundamentally upgraded, and this allowed to make it drastically different from its competitors. Innovations have touched all aspects of the club, starting from design and ending with the set of games. This allowed it to become even more convenient for players. Read Lucky Niki Review, find out more about the casino.


The look and feel of the online casino

The benefits of the new design were especially appreciated by those who saw the old design.

The first important point is the overall mood of the graphics.

The second important point is the significantly improved navigation. Panels of the main and game menus are well separated by graphic methods, perfectly readable and lead where needed. It is impossible to get lost on the site.

As a bonus it should be mentioned the total absence of flashing, animated banners that are not uncommon nor gaming portals and can only distract and irritate.

Available Games

The eternal dispute between mono-brand casinos and those that have programs from different manufacturers, in Lucky Niki Casino successfully resolved in favor of diversity. Suppliers – well-known companies.

The game menu is clearly divided into genres: slots, video poker, roulette, keno, table games. Traditionally, new and popular games are highlighted in separate items. It is good that the machines are different in style. There are for fans of spicy, risky games and for those who have come to spend time relaxed.

Online casino bonuses

Loyalty program is a mandatory component of any casino. LuckyNiki have abandoned the quantitative race in favor of quality. This does not mean that there are few bonuses. Yes, there are fewer of them than in the old version, but they are larger in amount, clearer by the rules, and thus more profitable for the player.

Bonus offers are aimed at players of all categories. Particular attention is paid to beginners. Especially for them are designed no deposit bonus, welcome package and bonus on the first deposit. Each of them has its own remarkable features. The no deposit bonus is one of the biggest. Just for registering, the player gets $10. The welcome package has three parts, and the first deposit bonus has an unparalleled low vager. The same wagering odds are the same in other promotions that are regularly held almost every day.

For fans of the healthy competition held daily themed tournaments with large prize pools. Anyone can participate.

Finally, the online casino does not stop for a second VIP program. Each deposit moves the player up the hierarchical ladder. With each new title, more privileges are added.

Live Casino

Live casino is innovative in the gambling world. Not long ago, it was impossible to imagine being able to connect to a gambling room from home and enjoy live interaction with the dealer and other players. However, progress does not stand still and the development of high-speed Internet, computer technology and streaming video, allowed to realize this revolutionary project. Lucky Niki has always sought to maximize the realism of gambling.

Unlike classic slot machines and slots, these games have a lot of differences, here are some of them:

  • Connection to the gambling hall.
  • Live dealers.
  • Interactive control panel.
  • A high degree of realism.

Support for mobile devices and different operating systems.
Thanks to the live games any client of the online casino has the opportunity to be in the real gambling hall, without leaving home. And herein lies the main advantage of such games.

Payment Methods

In this part of the casino customer has more freedom of choice. Make a deposit or take away your winnings can be one of a half dozen ways. This bank cards, electronic purses, online banking, mobile operator accounts and ground payment terminals.

License and security

The online casino has an active license. This means that it meets all the requirements of international organizations relating to gambling establishments. The operator guarantees strict privacy and security of financial transactions. All connections are encrypted and protected from viruses and hacker attacks. More information can be found on the website in the appropriate sections.

Mobile casinos

Mobile casinos, as the name suggests, are online casinos available on portable devices – smartphones and tablets. Just a few years ago, mobile casinos were a new phenomenon, which, however, quickly gained momentum. Back then, mobile casinos were those gambling sites that adapted the format for the small screens of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Nowadays, the number of those who play blackjack and roulette, slots and bingo, betting on sporting events, at worst, is half of all visitors to gambling sites, and most often is the vast majority of users. The modern man lives with a smartphone in his hand and is unlikely to give up the convenience of this device to play at online casinos. That is why you can play at Lucky Niki Casino through a convenient mobile version with all or almost all of the same features as the PC version.

LuckyNiki Casino Review


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