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Origin of roulette game

Few people know the history of the roulette game, few pay attention to how roulette wheels differ in different countries. But there are nuances even in the wheels. There are several varieties of the wheel and the history of roulette is interesting.

In ancient Rome, it was believed that the goddess of fortune Fortune ruled human destinies through the wheel.

In the XVII century, roulette wheel was called Devil’s Wheel, and not by chance – the sum of all cells on it equals 666. Different mystical properties were attributed to the wheel. There were legends that a similar wheel was used in the occult and various esoteric rituals.

Historians believe the inventor of roulette great mathematician Blaise Pascal, who has long been developing a perpetual motion machine, and at the same time invented this type of entertainment. It was he who drew and created a primitive form of roulette, as a kind of perpetual motion machine. But some believe that by going to a monastery, the mathematician found ancient documents and studied a more ancient analogue of this game of chance. Some believe that roulette was invented in China.

It is known that roulette has always been popular. It has long been a favorite pastime first monks in the monasteries, and then the nobility and the French court. Roulette, like other gambling houses, began to open at the suggestion of Cardinal Mazarini. Sometimes tragedies happened in such establishments, and whole fortunes were lost. But the treasury made good profits, filling the pockets of Louis XIV as well.

In 1745, it was banned in England, did it the British King George II. With varying success roulette conquered other countries. In the Americas, in 1758 it was banned in New France (now Quebec). Even the game of craps was banned there.

In 1836 another ban on gambling was announced in France. There now, to play roulette can only be played in underground casinos, but much elevated Monte Carlo, which has found something to parasitize on. Monte Carlo uses a traditional French or European wheel with one “zero. But the Americans have two, and in 2016 in Las Vegas experimented and made as many as three “zeros. So it is better not to play in the U.S. Now online roulette is available almost everywhere.

Roulette table look

All roulette tables have both an outside and an inside betting area, but the format of the tables will differ depending on where the game is played. The outer betting area consists of special boxes that involve different types of bets, including column bets, equal money bets on color, odd and even number bets, and dozen bets. The inside betting area, on the other hand, is for betting on individual numbers. The numbers on the inside betting area are arranged in three vertical columns and 12 rows.

How to play roulette

Roulette Thailand is the most popular game in any casino and its rules are very simple, but nevertheless if you’re new to casino and have never played roulette before, you should familiarize yourself with its rules and types of bets.

Roulette itself consists of a special wheel in which the holes with numbers are located: 37 holes in European and French Roulette – numbers from 1 to 36 and 0; 38 holes in American Roulette – numbers from 1 to 36, 0 and 00. According to the rules of the game the croupier launches the ball, which stops in a certain hole with a number: if this number was within the range of bets made by the player, he wins, if not, then the casino wins.

Roulette betting patterns

The internal roulette bets are all numbers from 1 to 36, including 0 (in American roulette also 00). All numbers are denoted by three colors:

0 and 00 – usually indicated in green, although there may be no color designation, there are also red and black fields.

Internal betting odds:

  • A bet on a single specific number (e.g., 0 or 1 or 2… or 36) – x36 odds (the bet is multiplied by 36), payout 1:35.
  • Betting on two nearby numbers (e.g. 1-2, 10-11, 34-35, etc.) – odds x18 (the bet is multiplied by 18), payout 1:17.
  • Betting on three numbers or betting on a vertical line (for example, 1-3, 7-9, 25-27, etc.) – odds x12 (the bet is multiplied by 12), payout 1:11.
  • Betting on four close numbers (for example, 1 2 4 5, 25 26 28 29, etc.) – odds x9 (the bet is multiplied by 9), payout 1:8.
  • Betting on the six numbers or the two vertical lines (for example, 1-3 and 4-6) – the ratio is x6 (the bet is multiplied by 6), the payout 1:5.
  • According to the rules of roulette, external bets are those bets that are outside the playing field (outside the numbers themselves).

Odds on outside bets:

  • Betting on odd or even – odds x2 (bet is multiplied by 2), payout 1:1.
  • Betting on red or black – odds x2 (bet is multiplied by 2), payout 1:1.
  • Betting on a sector from 1 to 18 or on a sector from 19 to 36 – odds x2 (the stake is multiplied by 2), payout is 1:1.
  • Betting on a dozen (for example, 1 to 12 or 13 to 24 or 25 to 36) – multiplier x3 (the bet is multiplied by 3), payout 1:2.
  • Betting on a horizontal line (for example, 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28 31 34) – odds x3 (bet is multiplied by 3), payout 1:2.

Words you need to know when playing roulette

  • Bankroll – game budget.
  • Bankroll Management – A system or strategy for managing your game budget, which helps to increase it or stretch it over a greater number of games.
  • Biased Wheel – an imperfect roulette wheel on which the probability of certain numbers falling out is significantly altered.
  • Big Number – numbers that fall out more often than the theory of probability suggests.
  • Black Bet – Betting on Black numbers.
  • Cancellation Betting System – A system which requires you to cancel numbers after winning and add numbers after losing.

Types of Online Roulette

The most common are European and American Roulette. They differ in the types of chips, special tools, devices for the game, the number of zeros “0” on the wheel. In American roulette, the casino’s income is 5.3%, and the wheel has two “0s” (a zero and a double zero). In Europe, the profit is 2.7% on the wheel with one “0”. The American roulette table is smaller than the European version.

The third type of Roulette Online Casinos is French. This is a synthesis of American and European roulette. It is characterized by the presence of one “0”. The peculiarity is the presence of the “prison rule”. French roulette can be found in gambling houses of Monte Carlo and Baden-Baden. There are different varieties of the game: pti-choux, Boule, Wheel of Fortune, hoka.

Tips on how to play online roulette gambling to make money

The rules of roulette are not complicated, but you need to study them carefully. This game can be much more complicated and interesting than it seems at first glance.

Play as soon as you create an online casino account. There is reason to believe that the program is trying to imitate the age-old law of any casino – “Beginners are lucky. If you decide to play, then register an account, make your first deposit and start playing. It is desirable to win the first 50 spins and finish the game for this session.

Do not play in dubious online casinos. There are establishments that will not allow you to win at all bets and strategies. Try to avoid dubious gambling establishments.

Choose roulette with a wider betting range – this is important if you are playing by strategy or some system of your own. Since most roulette strategies involve the use of progressive bets (increasing bets after losing), your chances of winning will be higher on roulette with a wide betting range. For example, one roulette bets red from $1 to $200, the second from $1 to $300, the third from $1 to $500, so it will be more profitable to play on the third roulette.

If you decide to play by strategy, then before you make a bet, it is advisable to track down a few roulette wheel turns (depending on which system you play), and only after that make your first bet on that number or field, which did not fall out during the last roulette wheel turns. Of course, if Black fell out 5 times, and you bet on Red – it does not mean that it will fall out red, but it increases your chances that Red will fall out in the next revolutions.

If you play roulette, and you use a strategy, it is advisable to follow the roulette rules and not to bet lightly. Also remember that there is no strategy, which guarantees you a 100% win.

An effective roulette strategy

Roulette strategy Kavouras is a unique in its kind and unlike known roulette strategy. Kavouras strategy can be called a flexible betting system, because you cover the numbers on the roulette wheel in a chaotic manner.

The advantage of betting on the strategy Kavouras is that the player does not need to write anything down and even more mathematical calculations, which makes the system Kavouras very simple and easy to understand. All that is necessary for the player is always to put on the same 20 roulette numbers a certain number of chips.

The Biarritz strategy is another roulette betting system invented by Alexander Makarov. Biarritz strategy on its principle is very similar to the Martingale strategy and in practice does not differ much. Therefore, the system itself is quite simple and play it easy, but still more this strategy is suitable patient players.

The main principle of the system is based on the fact that you choose a specific number on the roulette wheel and keep betting on it until you win. Thus, a player chooses a number and keeps his bet on it for 36 roulette spins, if this number does not fall within 36 roulette spins, the player can double his bet.


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