How to play to win in slot games

You can’t just sit down and win in slot games Thailand a really big sum. To be exact, you can, but it requires Fortune’s dazzling smile. If you want to win systematically (on a regular basis), you need a strategy. By the way, so there is no misunderstanding in the future, remember that slots is a game with negative mathematical expectation. And one strategy, of course, is not enough to win. So let us consider in detail how to win in the slots.

Let’s say the casino has only a 5%, 3% or even 2% advantage, but it’s still a disadvantage for the player over the long haul. In other words, you will lose if you play long enough (a month, a year). On the other hand, over a short distance – a day/week – it is possible to stay in the good “plus”, especially if you manage to get a couple of big wins. But if you play all the time, without a special strategy can not do. In a negative mathematical expectation of any nuance, giving at least some benefit, should be taken into account.

A lyrical digression

Please note the following. What are you playing for? Ask yourself this question. If to try to make money – it’s one thing, and if for fun – it is quite another. In the second case, no special strategy for winning slots and is not required.

If the player understands that he is paying for entertainment, this is a normal situation. This is like buying a ticket to the zoo or on some attraction. But more often than not, the player not only wants to have fun, but also to multiply his capital. And here again, the strategy becomes relevant.

In short, the first answer yourself – why I play, and make the necessary conclusions.

Slots strategy

The main objective of the algorithm below is to save as much as possible, ie save your money and still have all chances to earn a lot. The main problem of gamblers is that they do not play systematically and do not adhere to any rules. But with the help of a small “code” you can save a significant part of your bankroll, and possibly earn on it in the future.


The first thing to do – to understand what you need a bankroll. A bankroll is a sum of money used exclusively for gambling. You don’t spend it on buying food, paying bills, or anything else. It’s a reserve of funds that serves one single purpose: to serve as a wallet to fund your casino account and receive payouts. Of course, you can sometimes withdraw from your bankroll – but only when it exceeds a certain amount. For example, the minimum size of the bankroll is $ 2,000, and now $ 2,200. In this case, $ 200 can be withdrawn painlessly.

How do you determine the bankroll amount?

It all depends on your objectives and what you are going to play. Most often, players “spin” slots. In this situation, it all depends on the bets. If you play for small stakes – one bankroll, for medium and large – another. Let us assume that you are an average gambler and do not go above $ 5 per spin.

It is recommended to have not less than 1,000 bets in your bankroll. Preferably, of course, even more – 2,000+. A real bankroll must be able to withstand serious strokes of variance and so a larger margin of safety is always taken.

So if you’re playing at $1, save in the neighborhood of $2,000 – 3,000. That’s the minimum. Ideally, the bankroll should be even bigger (no limits). But that’s for more serious play. Why so much? Because in the slots is very easy to lose everything. You yourself are more than once convinced of this. It seems like a good slot, but it “eats and eats”. Like a powerful vacuum cleaner! Unfortunately, this happens, and it’s normal. And to withstand such black bars (drawdowns), the reserve of funds must be substantial.

For example, with a bankroll of 1,000 bets you can easily lose 100 or even 200 times in a row! Nothing will happen to you. Such “drains” will be perceived as temporary losses and nothing more.

But the most important rule of bankroll management: play with the money you can afford to lose. This means that gambling with your salary (which you also need to spend on food, apartment, clothes, etc.) is not only stupid but also very dangerous. You only need bankroll to play. If he loses it, the player simply loses (temporarily) the ability to roll in the slots. He is still able to pay the bills and provide for himself and his family. And as soon as free funds appear, they will form a bankroll again.


Let us assume that with the required amount of money for the game you have decided. Next, you need to choose the slots themselves. It is necessary to choose such slots:

First, a high return rate – 96-97% on average.

Secondly, a high variance. This means that there is a chance to earn a lot in one spin – for example 500 bets.

Choose slot games Thailand with a percentage of payoff above 96%. This is a good bar below which the fall is also possible, but with caution. If we talk about how to win at slots with low rates of return, you need to consider the popularity of online casinos. After all, the size of the pool depends on the number of bets made by players.


Most machines have a high variance (volatility). And this is a good thing. To win a lot, you need to take risks. But it must be done wisely. On the other hand, no one objects to the game and the machines with low dispersion. You can win a couple of hundred bets in them, and it’s also perfectly normal. Only in this case there is no need to build air castles. Low variance means low winnings. But in this situation it is possible to significantly reduce the requirements to the bankroll – for example, to 600-700 bets. Most still prefer high-dispersion slots. They are just more interesting to play and you can win a lot.

Cheat a casino: is it possible?

If you decide to find information on how to cheat online casino slots, you’ll find yourself at a broken trough. After all, it’s just not realistic. The software is maximally protected (even the banking industry would envy it), so it’s impossible to find loopholes. Do not be fooled by the sales schemes and other nonsense, it’s all lies. Waste time and money, leaving nothing. But here increase the likelihood of catching “skid” at online casinos can, adhering to the rules described above.


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