Free Spins Bonus for Online Casino Players

When choosing a slot, many players pay attention to the presence of free spins. This feature has significantly influenced the marketing policy of online operators. Sites actively offer promotional codes for free casino registration as a welcome bonus and encourage regular customers.

What is Frispins

The term Free Spin refers to a feature that allows you to spin the reels of the slot without withdrawing funds from the gaming account. This is one of the most frequent prize options in slot machines. It is hard to say what provider was the first to offer this mechanics. Now it is found in the developments of most manufacturers. Demanding players can even ignore the video slot, which does not have them.

A simple, popular and profitable bonus has organically accustomed and as a loyalty tool in online casinos. For beginners, it creates the right conditions for mastering all the subtleties of gambling without financial risk.

Experienced players get additional motivation, the opportunity to test new slots and evaluate the functionality of the casino.

Free Spins Bonus as part of a special offer from the operator differ from a similar feature, which is built into the slot machines by the providers. Access to freespins from online casinos does not depend on the course of the game. Free spins are given on a permanent or temporary basis, provided that the user performs certain actions on the site.

Perpetual promotions include welcome bonuses, the distribution of spins on certain days of the week and other offers. The number of rounds depends on the operator’s generosity. On some resources codes for free freespins for registration without deposit allow you to spin the reels without a real investment of more than 100 times! In the second case, the user has to wait for the game situation under the rules. This can be a rollout of a set number of scatters, the accumulation of the amount of points in the course of the game. In some slots the option is activated in random mode. There may be special conditions: application of an additional multiplier to winnings, prolongation of a series of appropriate combos, etc.

Rules of use of free spins

Freespins allow customers to take advantage of the operator’s services. Funds won during free spins are credited to the user’s account. You can get the reward after wagering. Online casinos with a good reputation give players full information about the conditions of the promotion. The page with the description of the promo should contain a link to the rules of the event. Ignore this document should not be ignored. It will save the risk of encountering pitfalls. If the conditions on which the freespins are drawn do not have a detailed description, you can consider the offers of other operators.

Bonuses with free spins are divided into two large groups: deposit and no deposit bonuses

Deposit bonus spins are given after depositing an account. The number of spins within such a bonus may be fixed or depend on the amount deposited.

More often the first option is found. No Deposit Free Spins Bonus are available without a deposit and are guaranteed for performing certain actions. This can be a reward for referring a friend as part of an affiliate program, a gift for registration or a holiday. Among the operators’ offers, you can find special bonuses. These are mega spins and super spins with increased bets, scrolls without a vager, spins without risk.

Promotions with free spins vary by the list of available slots. The offer can cover a single slot or several games. Sometimes visitors have the right to choose any video slot from the collection of online casinos or a particular provider. Possible winnings are regulated by the operators. The rules designate the largest payout a player can expect for the whole series. If the user is lucky to win more, the reward will be reduced to the set limit. Free spins from the casino uses a limited range of bets. The player has the right to bet either a fixed amount or not exceeding the maximum limit.

Rules may change depending on the operator’s policy. For example, at some sites, the withdrawal of funds for the welcome scrolls possible only when making a deposit through certain payment systems.
Another peculiarity is related to the restrictions on certain states by the providers. Slots that are available in one country may be closed to visitors from another region. If bonus spins are provided for a limited list of games, it is necessary to make sure in advance that there is no ban. This information is placed in the section with the casino rules or in the FAQ. It can also be obtained from the specialists of technical support. Avoid unpleasant surprises in an attempt to get the payout prizes allow careful study of all the rules of the action.

Pay attention to such nuances:

  • List of games with free spins available.
  • The need to make a deposit.
  • Allowed payment methods.
  • Limits on bets and withdrawal of funds.
  • Validity and wagering periods.
  • The reputation of the casino and the type of license.

Make an objective impression about perpetual promotions you can if you study the reviews of other players. Before using the bonus is recommended to try to play the selected slot in demo mode. This will allow you to avoid mistakes, get acquainted with the additional features and do not waste your prize spins to master the intricacies of management. If the promo covers several machines, the demo can determine which of them is best suited for drawing bonus scrolls.

How to get freespins in the casino

There are several options for getting the bonus. Spins are awarded after registering on the site, depositing an account for a certain amount, or in the time period set by the rules of the promotion. Players can be rewarded with free spins on birthdays or other holidays. You can also get them for acquiring VIP status in the casino or for downloading the mobile application.

Free for registration

The loyalty program of most operators includes promotions, bonuses and freespins in online casinos for registration. Take advantage of such an offer only once. When trying to open a new account and get bonus spins, site administrators may require from the client to provide scans of documents for verification of identity. For verification the following documents are used: passport, driver’s license, utility bill receipts (if necessary, it is necessary to confirm the validity of the address of residence). If a player is spotted trying to register a new account, all his accounts will be subject to blocking.

You can get freespins for registration in the following ways:

  • Automatically after account activation.
  • After making the first deposit.
  • After contacting the support team.

Free games can be relied upon for the first few deposits. Most often, they are not given independently, but as part of the welcome package along with bonus accruals to the game account. For example, a visitor makes the first deposit of $ 100 and receives 100% of the deposited amount, along with 50 spins on a popular slot machine. Some sites allow you to take advantage of the prize spins after confirming your email address or phone number.


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